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Music by Jerry Gordon

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Trust the Machine


RANdom Horses
by Jerry Gordon

01  Terracotta Pegasus         7:08
02  Pandas Riding Zebras         7:05
03  Mud Horses                 7:14
04  Police Dogs in Pantyhoses         14:26
05  Smoking Like Clones         7:06
06  A Unicorn Chewing Gyoza 5:57
07  Believing in Ran's Alpaca Sofa 5:40
08  Cutting Off My Famous Cloud Hat 4:36
09  48 Shrimp Calmly Watching 
Their Videos of Jerry's Death 6:21

tenor saxophone, bass drum, tabla, percussion, 
Bb clarinet, shakuhachi, various plastics
played and edited by Jerry Gordon

cover illustration of Panda Riding Alpaca by 馬 然

recorded at MIIT House (Osaka, Japan)  
3CMPress     April 2013       CDR
¥1200 (includes shipping)

Police Dogs in Pantyhoses' "various plastics"

A peek into the magic:

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