Thursday, September 14, 2023

Miniatures at MIIT House Vol. 89 / Saturday September 30. 2023




























 Jason Kahn


Miniatures at MIIT House Vol. 89
Jason Kahn (sound)
Jet Vel (sound)
Tim Olive (sound)
Jerry Gordon (sound)

Thursday, August 3, 2023




















mother's day 

stephan e perez : computer, midi violin 

2023.8.26 @ miit house 

osaka-shi konohana-ku shikanjima 2-6-13 

open 17:30 start 18:00 ¥1500

An event commemorating my mother, Lourdes Vasquez Perez, who passed away last year. I'll perform video works that thematicize her existence, memory, and my relationship with her.


-mom's iphone 2013-2017 [2022] 


-letter to mom [2023, premiere]


mom's iphone 2013-2017 [2022] When my mother died last year, my father gave me an old iPhone of hers which she'd used between 2012 and 2017. Using a MIDI violin, I take the videos and photos contained on that phone and use them as notes for a performance. Doing so can perhaps allow one to see the world of that time through her eyes...

letter to mom [2023, premiere] While projecting photos of my mother on the wall, I record notes from a stringed instrument. I then allot these notes to keys on the computer keyboard and proceed to type a letter to my mother live. When a given key is pressed, the note assigned to it either starts or stops sounding. From there, the act of having typed the letter takes a form in which it can again be performed on a stringed instrument... 


mother's day

ステフェン・E・ペレス : コンピューター、MIDIバイオリン

2023.8.26 @ miit house


会場 17:30 開始 18:00 ¥1500

去年亡くなった母親のLourdes Vasquez Perezを記念するイベント。彼女の存在、記憶、彼女との関係をテーマにして、ステフェン・E・ペレスがビデオ作品を演奏する。


-mom's iphone 2013-2017 [2022] 


-letter to mom [新作]


mom's iphone 2013-2017 [2022年作] 2022年亡くなった母親が2013-2017年使っていたiPhoneを父親がくれた。そこに載っている写真と動画をMIDIバイオリンを通して音符のように弾くと、彼女の目を通して過去をみることが出来るかな...

letters to mom [新作] 母の写真を移しながら、弦楽器の音を録音する。その音符をキーボードの文字に振り当てて、亡くなった母へライブで手紙を打つ。ある文字のキーを押すと、その録音された音符がスピーカーから流れる。続いて、その手紙を打ったことも弦楽器で弾けるようなものになっていく...

MIITales: Story Night @ MIIT House -- Featuring Brian Allen, Warren Decker and Paul Venet

MIITv2: Film Exhibition and Film Performance May 27, 2023


Exhibition -- 22 Short Films on 5 Screens by 25 Artists
Performances -- 2 Live Films w/ Live Music Performances
MIIT House
5.27.2023 (Sat:土)
2PM -- 7PM

[Group #1 :: 11 Films]
Untitled by Michael J. Migliacci / 6:43
Banshee & MOTYL by Laurent Lavolé
“Water You Looking At (for RC)” by Brian Allen / 3:44
the art of white moth by Kozue Sugiura / 5:00
Staring Screen by Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen / 4:00
Eyes through a house by Yangjah / 3:40
I had way dirtier things in my mouth by Tintin Patrone / 5:17
Palabras y by Guadalupe Galván / 5:00
Meeting Internal Organs by Meeko Koike
STARLING by Tanya Kim / 5:20
Waving by Gertjan Zuilhof / 2:00
Andy Couzens (live film)
Kame (sound)
[Group #2 :: 10 Films]
5 Walks by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber / 5:00
3 Films by Megumi Qingshui Shimizu / 2:47
– at the crossroads of light and shadow
– collaborate with a bird
– soil
All This : Intimate Violence by Jerry Gordon / 4:01
War is over! Now! by Yuzuru / 4:13
Light Bodies by Jere Kilpinen / 5:02
yellow dog blues by Tintin Patrone / 4:54
Mushrooms for the Soul by Mika Pätilä / 4:53
"Moaanin" by chairo no cappccino / 4:48
Endlessy by Warren Decker, Michael Salovaara & Erik Sakuragi / 2:11
"No Loitering" by Kaori Yoshikawa / 5:02